camcorder vlogs

two vintage camcorders by JVC and Sony on an oak table

recently I got a couple of camcorders on fb marketplace. it’s a whole different and simpler world. I quite appreciate just flipping the screen open and starting to film almost right away with nothing getting in the way. filming with vintage camcorders is actually quite fun:

  • the nostalgic feel of old technology adds a unique charm to the footage, creating a distinct aesthetic that cannot be replicated by modern cameras in-camera
  • the limited capabilities of vintage camcorders force us to be more creative and resourceful
  • the process of finding and maintaining vintage camcorders can be an adventure in itself. and I do like the fact that these cameras can be used again instead of just collecting dust on the shelves

It’s a delightful blend of nostalgia and adventure that brings an intangible element of fun to just filming everyday life as it unfolds. here are a couple of videos that I put together.

First day with a JVC camara