Bleachers Test

Here’s what I came up with the items in the trial box. First are all the items on the white background for the product listing pages, followed by a few ideas I wanted to quickly explore to show you a range of things that I can do.

Product listings

Lonsdale Classic Harrington Jacket – Red

Fred Perry Polo – Blue

Fred Perry Polo – Light Green

Adidas Chile 62 Jacket

Adidas Shorts – Red

First photo is a detail, than standard front and back shots

Adidas Shorts – White

White background

Grey background (the background is not really designed for closeups – hence a visible pattern of the grey fabric weave)

Alpha Industries Bomber Jacket

Adidas Trackies – Black

First photo is a detail, than standard front and back shots

Adidas Trackies – White

I’ve tried white on white in this case

Military Messenger Bag

Product Lifestyle

Going through all the items in the box inspired me to think how would they look in a product shot together in a group with related items or accessories. This is something that can be potentially useful for a landing page, category page or perhaps social media too.


The polos and the Harrington jacket paired with boots and accessories.


The shiny jacket paired with a few scally bits.

Product on a model

Here are headless shots of me wearing a few bits from my wardrobe and also showing the messenger bag from the parcel. If needed, this could be supplementary to an item of clothing shot on it’s own. I definitely can do a better setup, this is just a quick shot.


And here’s finally a few images of myself that I’ve taken in the end as this is something we’ve discussed on the phone.